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Unit 7 - Cold War


War Powers Act - During the Vietnam was which lasted for over 14 years, there was never formal declaration of war by Congress.  The closest thing that the United States had to a declaration of war was the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in 1964.  This resolution allowed the U.S. Military to defend themselves in Vietnam. The US. Presidents never had to to check with Congress and get thieir approval.  To prevent this in the future, Congress passed the War Powers Act.  The President now has to get approval from Congress if U.S. troops are going to be deployed for more than 60-90 days.

Post War Planning


Yalta Conference


Potsdam Conference





Nuremburg Trials


Several nuclear test videos [HD]




First Soviet hydrogen bomb test (1953)



Sputnik beeps overhead, Americans in awe, including a young





Korean War- Documentary Film 1950-1953



1950 – 1953 – Korean War

North Korea (backed by communist China) attacked South Korea (backed by the U.N. & U.S.  Three years of fighting results in an armistice (an end to the fighting) in 1953.  The country remains split at the 38th parallel.  Today the U.S. has over 25,000 troops and over a million land mines to prevent North Korean troops from running over the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone).




Berlin Wall


Vietnam War



Apollo 11, the first man on the moon



THE COLD WAR - PART 9: Detente