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Weathering, Erosion, Deposition and Landforms Review Questions
1) Two streams begin at the same elevation and have equal volumes. Which statement best explains why one stream could be flowing faster than the other stream?
  1. The faster stream contains more dissolved minerals.
  2. The faster stream has a much steeper gradient.
  3. The streams are flowing in different directions.
  4. The faster stream has a temperature of 10°C, and the slower stream has a temperature of 20°C.

Correct Answer Number: 2


2) In the cartoon below, Lucy gives Linus incorrect information about pebbles.

If Lucy wanted to give Linus correct information about pebbles, which statement would be most accurate?

  1. Pebbles can become cemented together to form a rock called gabbro.
  2. Pebble is the name given to the smallest-size sediment.
  3. Any large rock that weathers could become a pebble.
  4. Magma is composed of pebbles.

Correct Answer Number: 3


3) Which process was primarily responsible for forming the hills?

  1. folding
  2. faulting
  3. deposition
  4. vulcanism

Correct Answer Number: 2


4) Which list best identifies landscapes A, B, and C?

  1. A—mountain, B—plain, C—plateau
  2. A—plain, B—plateau, C—mountain
  3. A—plateau, B—mountain, C—plain
  4. A—plain, B—mountain, C—plateau

Correct Answer Number: 1