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Welcome to Global 10  - Week of September 9, 2013


Class Rules


1. Everyone shall be respected.


2. Come to class prepared, on time, and ready to learn.


3. If you do not understand, ask.



This week:


Quiz on class rules - Thursday 9/12/13


World Map Quiz - Friday 9/13/13





For the world map quiz, be able to label the following:


For Friday's world map quiz be able to label the following:


Rivers:Nile, Indus, Yellow, Euphrates, Tigris, Amazon, Congo, Yangtze

Euphrates, Tigris, Amazon, Congo, Yangtze


Mountain Ranges: Himilayas, Andes, Alps, Ural Mountains


Bodies of Water: All oceans, Med. Sea, Arabean Sea, Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Sea of Japan, East China Sea, South China Sea, English Channel


Peninsulas: Korean, Italian, Greek, Arabian, Indian


Archipelagos: Philippines, Hawaii, Indonesia


Isthmus: Panama


Deserts: Sahara, Gobi, Kalihari, Arabian.


All of the continents