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This page is under construction - July 26, 2011
Innovations & Curriculum
One of the greatest teachers ever.

    Many teachers have been involved in curriculum writing at some point in their careers.  Well designed curricula are essential to an effective educational system.  One way to look at it, is as a goal setting exercise.  Perhaps the operative word here is exercise.  Many of these curriculum projects either sit neatly in a nice binder or in a computer file someplace and generally are not very user friendly.  How many of us work with these pieces everyday?  Successful goal setting dictates that you frequently read your goals, to have the idea embedded in your psyche.   What if  we were able to create a "living" work that combines a solid curriculum, a curriculum map and direct instruction in one place? 

     After 20 something years in teaching, I have taught every major Social Studies course in grades 7-12.  Any given year I could be  assigned to teach any variety of courses.  Most recently, I have been working with:

     Therefore, I will begin this first phase with these courses.  As I find contributors, we will see these curricula expand to other areas of the New York State Core Curricula.


     Many of today's generation of learners are naturally drawn to the use of digital technology.  The internet was already in place when today's high school students were born.  If we want to expand our reach as educators, we need to learn to connect with this generation in their world, the digital world.

     Whether we want to admit it outloud or not, traditional brick and mortor educational institutions are in competition with online learning centers.  New York State is setting parameters regarding the granting of credit for
online courses in public schools.  As educational dollars become even scarcer, leaders will be economically forced to go down this new uncharted path.  If that is the case, than we, as public educators need to be in front, leading the way and not following.  Organizations that do not continue to constantly innovate will lose market share.  If you ever have any question about this, just look at the U.S. Steel Industry, Border Books and  My Space.


        Definition: opus[ˈəʊpəs ˈɔp-]nplopuses, opera[ˈɒpərə] 1. an artistic composition, esp a musical work

Many times I have tried to help my own children with homework and was not quite sure of the material.  An opus is a collection of compositions, usually musical in nature.  In this case, it is a collection of "material" created by myself and other people around the world (resources available on the Internet).  Technology today has created an opportunity to share the collective wisdom of all ages. 

My goal is to design a tool that can be used to enhance instruction for educators, learners and parents.  I like to refer to this project as Mr. Barry's Opus.




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