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Rocks and Minerals Review Questions


1) What are the two most abundant elements by mass found in Earth's crust?
  1. aluminum and iron
  2. sodium and chlorine
  3. calcium and carbon
  4. oxygen and silicon

Correct Answer Number: 4

REMEMBER: Abundent means large in quantity.



2) The graph below shows the relationship between mass and volume for three samples, A, B, and C, of a given material. What is the density of this material?

  1. 1.0 g/cm³
  2. 5.0 g/cm³
  3. 10.0 g/cm³
  4. 20.0 g/cm³

Correct Answer Number: 3

REMEMBER: density is mass divided by volume d=m/v



3) Compared to dull and rough rock surfaces, shiny and smooth rock surfaces are most likely to cause sunlight to be

  1. reflected
  2. refracted
  3. scattered
  4. absorbed

Correct Answer Number: 1

REMEMEBER: Shiny materials will reflect sunlight similar to what happens with ones image in a mirror.



4) Which rock is metamorphic and shows evidence of foliation?

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4

Correct Answer Number: 1

REMEMBER: Rock 1 has bands(lines) of intergrown crystals. Banding is the most noticeable characteristic of a metamorphic rock. 


Rocks that are produced when melted rock cools and hardens are called _______________ rocks.


1. Sedimentary

2. Igneous

3. Metamorphic


Correct Answer Number: 2



6) Broken pieces of rock are deposited into piles and are cemented together by other minerals. What type of rock has been formed?


1. Metamorphic

2. Igneous

3. Sedimentary


Correct Answer Number: 3