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Size, Shape, and Composition of the Earth Reveiew Questions
1)  An observer watching a sailing ship at sea notes that the ship appears to be "sinking" as it moves away. Which statement best explains this observation?
  1. The surface of the ocean has depressions
  2. The earth has a curved surface
  3. The earth is rotating
  4. The earth is revolving


Correct Answer Number: 2


2) At which location would an observer find the greatest force due to the Earth's gravity?

  1. North Pole
  2. New York State
  3. Tropic of Cancer (23.5N)
  4. Equator


Correct Answer Number: 1


REMEMBER: The earth is an oblate spheroid which bulges at the euqator. The North Pole is closest to the center of the earth where gravity is the strongest.


3) The water sphere of the earth is known as the

  1. atmosphere
  2. troposphere
  3. lithosphere
  4. hydrosphere


Correct Answer Number: 4


REMEMBER: hydro=water


4) Compared to Earth’s crust, Earth’s core is believed to be

  1. less dense, cooler, and composed of more iron
  2. less dense, hotter, and composed of less iron
  3. more dense, hotter, and composed of more iron
  4. more dense, cooler, and composed of less iron

Correct Answer Number: 3