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   As we proceed into the 21st century, the amount of resources available to us is growing exponentially.  One of our biggest challenges is understanding how to most effectively filter all of the information that is coming at us in a way that is meaningful to us in the shortest amount of time.

     If you think about it, as a result of the globalization of communication, we have the capability to exchange ideas like never before in the history of mankind.  If we as people were able to create all that has been created up until now, imagine what we are capable of doing with the tools that are now at our disposal.  It is safe to say that the world of the next generation will be extraordinarily different than anything that most of us could possibly imagine.  Yet we are charged with the responsibility to teach and prepare the next generation for a world which we could not know.  The sum total of the contributions of each of us is what they will have to work with.


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